The BPA100 Is our own Rugged 10 inch display for Farm Connectivity.

Its standard with built-in Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth/ GNSS & 4G communications.


Works with our BPA660 Autosteer System – Plans to release mid – late in 2024



  • RS232, RJ45 & CANBUS interfaces.
  • Remote Control & Management.
  •  Analog Inputs for implement camera etc.
  • Supports 2.4GHz & 5GHz IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WLAN
  • Optional RTK
  • Compatible with our KestrelEye™ Programable Logic Controllers
  • Compatible with our KestrelEye™ CCTV Remote Viewing
  • Compatible with gate openers
  • Compatible with Implement Cameras.
  • Autosteer completing development.
  • ISOBUS VT in future development.

The BPA660 Autosteer Kit is an Electric Steering wheel system with optional RTK radio, Attitude sensor and dual antennas for heading and terrain compensation. 


Licence No. 000104216

We are a fully licenced  Operating Security  Business as required by law.

You should only deal with a licenced business when it comes to security sales, support & Installation. Security Licenses are reviewed yearly by the NSW Police Force & includes a criminal check to ensure consumers are protected. It is the Law in NSW that anyone conducting security activities must obtain a valid licence.